Join our Transboundary Summer School 2024

Join our Transboundary Summer School 2024

Are you an adventurous undergraduate or post-graduate student searching for new experiences of learning and investing in field research? Save the dates of 26th-30th August and apply for the Transboundary Summer School 2024, in Prespa National Park, Albania!

Led by PPNEA and actively supported by MES from North Macedonia and SPP from Greece, this Summer School promises a unique, synergetic experience, sharing knowledge from all three sides of the Prespa’s basin.

Let’s unite borders and explore biodiversity conservation efforts with PrespaNet’s experts, who have dedicated over a decade to protecting nature.

Join our Summer School program focusing on:

  • Waterbird studies: Census, identification methods, and their significance
  • Mammal monitoring: Observing key species in Prespa National Park
  • Fish and reptile monitoring: Fieldwork on monitoring methodologies
  • Local inclusion: Engaging with partners, stakeholders, and community representatives

Don’t miss out this unique opportunity! For further details, please follow the link: Prespa Summer School 2024 – PPNEA