Pelican Network

Establish, maintain and support an international network of collaborating bodies for Dalmatian pelican conservation

The Pelican network was developed in 2013 aiming to establish a useful and dynamic tool for pelican conservation, and now has 73 members spread over 23 different countries. It provides a platform for exchanging useful information in almost real time and serves as a basis for building partnerships, sharing knowledge and promoting conservation activities for pelicans in SE Europe, with regular updates, queries and fruitful discussions between members of the group.

Initiated and maintained by the Society for the Protection of Prespa (SPP), the network was particularly invaluable during the 2022 avian influenza outbreak in Prespa’s Dalmatian pelican colony. The established working relationships and communications channel allowing the SPP to alert national and international partners to the rapidly developing situation, with scientists and protected area managers able to quickly mobilise, co-ordinate and exchange information at speed.


2013 to date


12 Greek management bodies

International pelican experts

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