Water Monitoring

Monitoring of basic water parameters

The protection and preservation of the aquatic habitats of Lesser Prespa Lake require, amongst other things, the careful management of its waters. For this reason, the Society for the Protection of Prespa (SPP) has carried out regular monitoring of basic water parameters since its establishment in the early 1990s, including measuring the water level and the water temperature of the lake, as well as using a Secchi disk to measure its turbidity, or transparency.

These measurements contribute to decisions made about the management of the water level of the lake, which has been carried out via the operation of sluice-gate at Koula and according to recommendations produced as part of an SPP LIFE project in 2002-2007. These long-term data series on water level and other parameters are also invaluable to other scientific research in Prespa, allowing study of these factors in relation to other parameters, such as weather conditions and precipitation, for example.