Over the last 30 years, the SPP has been managing the financial resources entrusted to it by its donors with absolute transparency and accountability. In accordance with our fundraising strategy, we raise funds from public institutions, governmental agencies and private foundations. We also receive small donations from corporations or private individuals. In the case of public funds, we participate in open calls, whilst in the case of private foundations, calls may be open to all applicants or by invitation only. Received funds are managed transparently and in full accordance with our approved financial procedures.

Furthermore, we fully report to our funders on a regular basis, as required by the terms of the signed contracts for each funding source. Our financial procedures set out in meticulous detail all the processes necessary for the fully accountable and efficient management of our fundraising resources. Proper accounting and auditing procedures are necessary to protect the SPP’s assets and to present reliable financial data to our donors. These procedures are designed to ensure that all transactions are carried out based on prescribed approvals and are recorded accurately and in accordance with the Greek accounting standards, while our accounts are independently audited each year.

Sources of income

Foundations : 94% Public institutions : 4% Other income : 2%
Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust Fund (PONT) / MAVA Foundation - support for the whole SPP programme 300,000
The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), for the "PoliPrespa" project 190,553
EEA GRANTS - Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos: MedINA for the "Active Citizens Fund" project 6,876
EuroNatur / Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation, for the "PrespaNet" project 81,753
Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation, "Acquisition and management of littoral areas in Lesser Prespa Lake" 213,000
Sub - total €792,182
Ministry of Finance & Development: Interreg - IPA CBC Greece-Albania, for the "Net Metering" project 3,500
Ministry of Finance & Development: Interreg - IPA CBC Greece-North Macedonia for the "Holy Water" project 14,000
Sub - total €17,500
Private donors 695
Trading sales 7,4750
For services provided 1,815
Other 1,193
Sub - total €11,178

Total income: €820,860

How we spend our resources

Protection and management of biodiversity 439,956
Sustainable development & local community egagement 257,288
Administration 165,130
Fundraising 31,581
Communication 31,581
Total €935,100

Conservation of species and habitats0%

Research and monitoring of species and habitats0%

Water protection and management0%

Networking and institutional development0%

Allocation of expenditure
on protection and managemenent of biodiversity
Conservation of species and habitats 360,617
Research and monitoring of species and habitats 54,484
Water protection and management 8,178
Networking and institutional development 16,677
Total €439,956

Protection and management of biodiversity0%

Sustainable development & local community egagement0%