Europa Nostra award

For its exemplary restoration, the Traditional Watermill of Agios Germanos, received the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage in the ``Restoration`` category.


LIFE - Nature “Best of the Best” award

The Society for the Protection of Prespa (SPP) has been honoured by the European Commission for the second time, with a ``Best of the Best`` Award for its implementation of the LIFE + Information and Communication project 'Fish, Fisheries & European Policy in the Prespa Basin'.


Byron Antipas award

The Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (HSPN) honoured Myrsini Malakou, director of the Society for the Protection of Prespa, with the 2013 ``Byron Antipas`` Award, for her long and vital contribution to nature protection and support for the local community in Prespa.


International Riverprize finalist

SPP was among the 4 finalists of the Thiess International Riverprize, awarded by the International River Foundation in Australia. SPP entered the prize with the project “Restoration of wet meadows for the conservation of Lake Mikri Prespa”.


LIFE - Nature “Best of the Best” award

The LIFE-Nature project “Conservation of Priority Bird Species in Lake Mikri Prespa, Greece”, implemented by the SPP in 2002-2007, has been evaluated by the E.U. Member States as one of the five “Best of the best” of such projects completed in Europe in 2007-2008.


Goldman Environmental Prize

An international recognition, awarded to two leading conservationists of the SPP, for their excellent contribution to the conservation of the Prespa wetlands which helped lead to the establishment of the Transboundary Prespa Park.


Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award

“The activities of the SPP provide an outstanding example of a pioneer approach to wetland management and cooperation at local, national and international levels for the sustainable management of a Ramsar site”.