One Europe More Nature

One Europe More Nature

In the Europe-wide One Europe More Nature project, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) aimed to identify opportunities by seeking out new partners and sectors, and by understanding what business could do for nature and what nature could do for business. Working in partnership with local communities, governments and businesses, new mechanisms for mainstreaming nature conservation into everyday life were developed.

In 2005, as part of this wider WWF project, the Society for the Protection of Prespa (SPP) took part in a pilot project aiming to address the environmental impacts from intensive agriculture with the operation of a special “Prespa Park Product” labelling scheme under the auspices of the Management Body of Prespa National Parka (MBPNP). The pilot project had the co-operation of a significant number of primary sector producers in the area and was put into pilot implementation with bean farmers in Greek Prespa in 2007, producing a protocol and Prespa Park Product label for Prespa beans. Unfortunately, for various structural reasons the MBPNP was not able to conclude the effort as hoped, mainly due to the lack of a local multi-stakeholder body that would act as a manager of the designation.



Prespa:Agriculture & Environment – Preliminary actions for labelling of agricultural products as Prespa ParkProducts


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