Prespa, a story for Man & Nature

Publication: Prespa, a story for Man & Nature, Giorgos Catsadorakis

In the words of its author, Giorgos Catsadorakis, the scientific consultant of the Society for the Protection of Prespa (SPP) and one of Greece’s most notable conservationists, this publication is a “…book written with a fourfold purpose: to paint an all-round picture of Prespa, with enough information and technical data to make it intelligible and enjoyable for the lay reader while at the same time catering for more specialist interests; to draw attention to and highlight, in all its aspects, the extraordinary beauty and biodiversity of Prespa; to reveal the relations existing between the different elements that comprise this rich physical and cultural environment and, above all; to stimulate readers to contribute whatever the can to ensure that this marvellous piece of the Greek countryside is preserved intact for future generations.” The book was published in the early years of the SPP’s existence, with the support of the Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation and the National Bank of Greece, in Greek and in English, translated by author Tim Salmon.



Prespa, a Story for Man & Nature



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