Prespa Fish & Fisheries Book

Publication: Fish and Fisheries in the Prespa basin, Giorgos Catsadorakis

“How many know in all its dimensions the role that fish and fisheries have played in the shaping of Prespa both in the past and today? How many know that the fish fauna of Prespa are unique and that the tasty fish that they might enjoy on their plate exists nowhere else in the world? How many know the close relationship between the wealth of birdlife to be found in Prespa and the way that fishing used to be carried out? Or that out of the 14 fishing methods recorded in Prespa some are completely unique to the area?” So begins the text of an exhibition on fish and fisheries that once graced an information centre in the Prespa fishing village of Psaradhes, which aimed to introduce this virtually unknown subject to visitors and show that the environment we enjoy in Prespa today is the result of the wise management of nature by others long ago. The fish and fisheries book reproduces the texts and images of the exhibition, enriched with additional material, and was authored by the scientific consultant of the Society for the Protection of Prespa (SPP), Giorgos Catsadorakis, with support from WWF International.



Crivelli, A.J., G. Catsadorakis, M. Malakou, E. Rosecchi. 1997. Fish and fisheries of the Prespa lakes (Lake Prespa, north-western Greece: a unique Balkan wetland). Hydrobiologia, Vol. 351, No. 1, 107-125.



Fish and Fisheries in Prespa



Species, Local Society
Endemic Fish, Raising Awareness