Zagradec Information Centre

Capacity building of NGOs - Establishment and operation of Information Centre in Zagradec (AL)

The operation of the information centre was undertaken by an NGO which was established by the Society for the Protection of Prespa (SPP) for this purpose, the Women’s Association of Lesser Prespa. As a capacity-building measure, in order to help foster environmental awareness and thus contribute to preserving the valuable natural and cultural values of this side of Lesser Prespa Lake, local people were trained as eco-guides and to run the information centre. For a period of five years a series of environmental education activities followed, also supported by the SPP, which attracted more than 5,000 students and visitors to the previously little-visited area. The information centre was subsequently gifted to the Prespa National Park in Albania.


2005 - 2011


Women's Association
of Lesser Prespa

Transboundary, Culture & Ecotourism
Ecotourism, Environmental Education, Raising Awareness, Transboundary Cooperation