Online premiere of the documentary “Wings, Wetlands and People”.

Online premiere of the documentary “Wings, Wetlands and People”.

A story about Prespa, the wetland and cooperation.

“Everything is a cycle. By helping one element, you help complete the whole circle.”

This is how the fisherman, George Paraskevopoulos, summarizes the content of the documentary “Wings, Wetlands and People”, which encapsulates the activities and aims of the LIFE Prespa Waterbirds project. Local authorities, scientists, fishermen, stockbreeders and farmers have all been working together to ensure a sustainable future for nature and for the inhabitants of Prespa. Additionally, with the support of the European Commission, the Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust (PONT), the Green Fund as well as a donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) as part of the support framework of the Poliprespa project, significant strides have been made with positive results in achieving wetland management.

In the documentary we follow the course of cooperation in the wetland of Lesser Prespa. The condition of the wetland is affected by the uncontrolled expansion of reedbeds along the lakeshore, the absence of wet meadows and by activities of the local inhabitants, some of which have now been abandoned but also those that continue to this day and we will see how the interventions through the LIFE project have been implemented.

Francisco Márquez through his filming helps us understand that by improving the conditions of vegetation in the wetland we give birds and fish the opportunity to nest and reproduce which in turn would be beneficial to local farmers and fishermen in the long term.

The thirty-minute documentary “Wings, Wetlands and People” gives us views of the unique landscapes of Prespa with numerous captivating images of birds that gracefully flap their wings and gently glide onto the lake surface or daintily step along the lakeshore, of herds grazing and of wooden fishing boats lying idly amongst the reeds. We will also see action in the field with new technologies and hear from the lips of the people who participate in these activities, who evaluate the results and experience the changes that affect their own daily lives. These people tell us the story of the wetland of Lesser Prespa lake, about the delicate balance of the reedbeds and how they view their efforts as an example of coexistence of man and nature in harmony.

Note: The documentary was created by the Spanish director Francisco Márquez as part of the LIFE Prespa Waterbirds project

About the LIFE project: LIFE Prespa Waterbirds – LIFE15 NAT / GR / 000936
“Bird conservation in Lesser Prespa: benefiting local communities and building a climate change resilient ecosystem”, aims at conservation and protection of biodiversity in Lesser Prespa lake, with the emphasis on birdlife and in particular on 9 species of waterbirds. Through a global approach of important issues, which affect the overall functioning of the ecosystem, methods are sought to bring benefits to the local community, while exploring the critical issue of climate change and the effects that they are expected to have on the ecosystem and its adaptation to them. The project is implemented by the Society for the Protection of Prespa, the Tour du Valat and the National Observatory of Athens, while the Management Body of the Prespa National Park plays an important role in the coordination of on-site management activities. 60% of the project is co-funded by the Directorate of Environment (LIFE) of the European Commission, the Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust (PONT), the Green Fund and a donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation within the support framework of the Poliprespa project.

Poliprespa is a project for the development of Prespa, based on active participation and a collective effort to guarantee a better future for the smallest Municipality of Greece in terms of population.
Participating in the Poliprespa project are: The Municipality of Prespa, the Society for the Protection of Prespa (SPP), the Municipality of Prespa Charity, “Pelekanos” the Prespa Agricultural Cooperative of Bean Producers, the Associations of Parents and Guardians of local schools, the Cultural Environmental & Sports Association of Agios Germanos, the Cultural Association of Prespa, the Local Improvement and Cultural Society of Lefkonas, the Shooters Athletic Association, the Soccer and Athletic Club of Prespa and local schools. The implementation of the project has been made possible with partial financial support of the participating organizations and a substantial donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

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